CFBOX: a glimpse into the future

CFBOX Srl was founded in May of 2016 by Marco and Stefano as an innovative startup with the aim of developing concrete ideas in the field of information security; with particular regard to the safety of children while surfing the internet. Hence, the project Routerhino was born.

For the past 15 years Marco has managed his own IT Consulting business while Stefano has been employed in the fields of economics, finance and business management. For over ten years they have collaborated together on various projects, sharing both professional and personal relationships. For these reasons they decided to embark on this new experience.

The desire to give life to innovative ideas stimulated the imagination of both of them, resulting in the following mission:

“We give life to technological ideas aimed at improving areas of information security. From feasibility studies to creation of the prototype or series production, also with the aid of innumerable specialists from varied sectors, we desire to manufacture concrete products which specifically cater to the vast needs of the market.”